The Best Makeup Products for a Chic, Parisian Look

The Best Makeup Products for a Chic, Parisian Look

Paris is the epitome of everything chic and fashionable. If you’ve been looking for advice on how to get the perfect, très stylish Parisian look, then you are in luck! Here are 5 of the best makeup products you will need to create the perfect Parisian look.

1. BB Creams

BB creams, known as beauty balms, are perfect for a Parisian, natural look. They not only provide you with light coverage that leaves your skin glowing but also have nourishing benefits. Plus, you can find a variety of BB creams out there to suit your complexion and needs.

2. Face Pencils

When it comes to the modern Parisian look, you’ll need something light to contour. A face pencil is a perfect tool to give your face an elegant, subtle sculpted look. Don’t forget to blend them properly, and avoid using dark tones.

3. A Mascara

A good mascara is essential to provide the perfect look. Parisian women love having voluminous, lush eyelashes. To achieve this, go for a waterproof mascara that can hold up all day.

4. Bold Lipsticks

With Parisian makeup, the bolder, the better. Go for bold reds and vampy purples for the ultimate night-time look. And make sure you don’t forget to line your lips with a lip liner to express your most chic self.

5. Blushes

A flushed, natural glow is a must-have in traditional Parisian makeup. Use a light pink or peach blush to give your skin a natural and healthy look. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks, as well as on your nose and chin.

Bonus Tips

    • Go for light eyeshadows, and don’t forget to blend them.
    • Curl your lashes for a more dramatic look
    • Use a finishing powder to set your look.

These tips will take your makeup look from plain to chic, Parisian perfection!

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